Author: Amanda
Western Greenland: Days Day hikes in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, and Nanortalik

Day Hikes From Cruise Ship in Greenland ports of Nuuk, Qaqortoq and Nanortalik

Misleading travel advice from AI can be found everywhere. Be critical of repeated details.

An example of incorrect information spread throughout internet travel advice. Articles not written by people experiencing what they claim (or even people).

Bye! Bye! Fi!

Good Bye! Google Fi! – The best, easiest, cheapest phone service for travel, and why I had to leave it I had Google Fi  as my primary carrier from August 2016 to April 2023. It revolutionized the way I travel. […]

Crossing into Dammam Saudi Arabia by Bus from Manama Bahrain

 Note: I made this crossing on March 7, 2022. At this point Muqueem registration, masks, vaccine and booster were required. Covid tests for arrival had stopped the day before. Once in country you had to activate an app called Tawakkalna […]

Georgia Guidestones

These stones stand mysteriously in the middle of nowhere Georgia. The man who arranged and paid for the stones via an intermediary used the pseudonym RC Christian. There are 10 Guidelines written on the stones in 8 languages. English, Russian, […]

Fort Mountain An ancient wall built by Moon Eye People

Ft Mountain state park in northern Georgia has a mysterious wall. Nobody knows when it was built, or  who built it.  When Europeans came to the area they heard legends from the  Cherokee about the wall.  The Cherokee took over […]

Tamerlane Stones- A Mysterious Pile of Stones in Kyrgyzstan

Nobody knows much about this man made pile of stones in a field on the Eurasian Steppe. There is no known date or reason for this mound. It is near to a burial complex of small mounds called San Tash. […]

El Chaltén-Day Hikes from my favorite town in Patagonia

I visited El Chaltén for 5 nights in January 2020 and it quickly became one of my favorite destinations. The big attraction for me is the number of great day hikes walking distance from town. You do not have to […]

Patagonia Route- Highlights of Patagonia by public bus

Here is the Route I took through Patagonia hitting the highlights with a focus on day hiking. I took more time than needed but wanted extra time in case I lost days for weather. This route can be done in […]

Penguins! The easiest and cheapest places to see them.

I have always been enthralled by penguins. Adorable flightless birds that swim well? What is not to love? Penguins are more accessible than many of us from the northern hemisphere realize. I have been able to see penguins in several […]