What is Fish Ear Soup?

I thought I may as well start a blog as I am asked for travel advice on the same topics again and again. I found myself typing the same advice into emails regarding things like currency exchange, phone service, visas for certain areas etc. I thought this would be an easy way to provide the information and maybe some strangers could use it too. Honestly I didn’t take to it as I hoped but still try to update occasionally. I like using blogs to understand specific logistics of how to do something so that is what I wanted to create.

Travel History

I have made traveling a priority for over 20 years. I love cities, archaeology, and nature. I have been Scuba diving since 2003. I did a RTW trip in the 90s when RTW tickets were still a popular option. I packed up all my belongings, quit work, and traveled for 14 months, twice. For the past decade I have been taking a couple of 2-4 month trips internationally each year.

Country Count

I am asked this a lot ? It is controversial. I love going new places but I also go back to places I have been and explore further. In the strictest terms there are 193 UN Member States. I have visited 133 of those. I have also been to the two Observer States, The Holy See (Vatican City) and Palestine. So 135/195. There are many lists. I am a member of the Travelers’ Century Club. They have a list of countries which includes territories and totals 330. I have been to 196 on their list.

Why Fish Ear Soup?

If I had started blogging when I first started seriously traveling it would be different. My top choices for a name were long ago taken. Seeing this soup label in Russia made me laugh and I decided to name the blog after it. A reminder to never take myself or travel too seriously.