Google Fi- The best, easiest, cheapest phone service for travel.

I have had Google Fi since 2016. It has revolutionized the way I travel. I have used it in 35 countries and am thrilled with the service. I do not have to buy and register local sim cards on shorter trips. I am no longer held hostage to shoddy hotel wifi. I also now have access to my US number all over the world.

The basic plan and costs.

For calls and texts, the first line is $20 a month for unlimited service. Incoming calls and all texts are always free. You have to pay to make an outgoing call when in another country, usually 20 cents a minute to the US. Wifi calling is an option to lower the price.
For data and internet, you pay $10 a GB. It is capped at 6GB for the month so it will never be more than $60 in data charges for one line $100 for 2 lines. Unlike other companies, where you choose a static monthly amount of data, Google Fi is flexible. You only pay for what you use. Your bill changes monthly. At home, around wifi, the data portion of my bill is often $4. Months where I have been on long trips by road or train, or in hotels with lousy, expensive, or no wifi, data charges have often been $30-$40. I do not use it for streaming video or downloading large files but mostly for work, uploading pictures, checking email, use mapping programs, etc.

Travel to 200+ countries and territories with no extra work or cost.

You roll off the plane and have fast internet, usually LTE, with no hassle! For the same price you pay at home. It is shocking how many places it works. It worked at Everest Base Camp in Tibet! My total bill for two lines, texting, calls, and data has never been over $100.  That is with using the phone data for a laptop’s wifi. Yes, you can tether! This means you can turn the phone into a wifi hotspot and any wifi-enabled device can draw from the phone’s internet connection. With local sim cards, I found that tethering is often not an option. This severely limits working on a laptop from remote locations.

How do I get this amazing product?

All the details can be found here. I would (and do) promote them even without a code. I want them to be around for a very long time. If you use this code (9VP3HK) when signing up for Google Fi, we both get a free month.

Countries I have personally used Google Fi Data

Note that I generally only care about data. With What’s App I rarely ever contact anyone by phone. So I cannot say calls worked in all these places but data did.

Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Great Britain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Japan (Mainland and Okinawa), Russia (East and West of the Urals including Kamchatka Peninsula), South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova (also Transnistria), Belarus, New Zealand, Canada, St. Kitts, Martinique, Argentina, Chile, Greenland, Saipan, Guam, Brazil, Uruguay, Ukraine (including parts of Chernobyl), Mexico, Bonaire, Australia, China (including Tibet even Everest and Hong Kong), Czech, Iceland, Samoa, Qatar

Places where Google Fi Did not work for me

Armenia & Armenia (should have worked this was just after I got it in 2016 worked in Azerbaijan then stopped in Georgia/Armenia I called and reset a lot could work now though), Marshall Islands, Maldives, Tonga, Cuba, French Polynesia (Society islands- Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and New Caledonia).

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