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Western Greenland: Days Day hikes in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, and Nanortalik

Day Hikes From Cruise Ship in Greenland ports of Nuuk, Qaqortoq and Nanortalik

El Chaltén-Day Hikes from my favorite town in Patagonia

I visited El Chaltén for 5 nights in January 2020 and it quickly became one of my favorite destinations. The big attraction for me is the number of great day hikes walking distance from town. You do not have to […]

Patagonia Route- Highlights of Patagonia by public bus

Here is the Route I took through Patagonia hitting the highlights with a focus on day hiking. I took more time than needed but wanted extra time in case I lost days for weather. This route can be done in […]

Sri Lanka Buses. Traveling around Sri Lanka on cheap and colorful buses.

Recently (summer of 2019) I spent several weeks traveling through Sri Lanka. I did all transfers by public bus except the Kandy to Ella portion. There are two types of buses, the red government buses, and the personalized private buses. […]

Maldives Great Diving On A Budget

I wanted to experience the spectacular diving and waters of the Maldives. I did not want to spend a few month’s travel budget on a few days at a private-island resort. Transfers Required Most any visit to the Maldives will […]

Ukraine: 2 fascinating Abandoned Places: Chernobyl & Tunnel of Love

Chernobyl The excellent HBO miniseries has me thinking about the day trip I took to Chernobyl. Yes, you can visit Chernobyl. Reportedly the radiation I was exposed that day  was less than that on a transatlantic flight. A new confinement […]

Tibet- Traveling to Tibet as independently as possible.

I finally made it to Tibet in October 2018 after a decade of thwarted attempts. Here are some tips for a basic Tibet visit. I have not included overland options to/from Nepal. You cannot just buy a ticket! Often people […]

Uzbekistan- Now it is easier than ever to visit.

Now is the time to explore Uzbekistan. I had an amazing two weeks in Uzbekistan. It exceeded expectations. It was interesting and fun. It was comfortable, yet still felt like a unique and less explored destination. An independent traveler, with […]

Cuba- Visit by plane from the US.

 I traveled to Cuba by plane in July 2018. So observations, policies, etc are from that time. A Tale Of Two Currencies There are two classes of people in Cuba. Those with access to hard currencies and those without. There […]

Transnistria. An independent day trip from Chisinau

Visiting The Capital city of Tiraspol in the autonomous republic of Transnistria (Transdniestria) also called The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Within Europe’s least visited country of Moldova there is a break away autonomous region that considers themselves a separate nation. When […]