Month: May 2020
#2 Penguin Viewing. Visiting two species of penguins from Punta Arenas.

2 types of penguins can be seen in two moderately priced day trips from Punta Arenas, Chile. Punta Arenas is an easy cheap flight from Santiago and there are accommodations to suit all styles and budgets.There are a few other […]

Plain of Jars, Laos. Mysterious stone vessels in the highlands.

Thousands of jars carved from stones and placed in groupings on a plateau in northern Laos. These mysterious jars were the main reason I wanted to visit the country which I was able to do in 2008 as part of […]

Shifting Sands: Moving Sand Pile in Tanzania

In Tanzania there is a crescent shape pile of sand that moves about 50 feet a year. The sand clings together . This allows the entire dune to move instead of dissipating and blowing into the plains. The mysterious part […]