Month: February 2020
Masharami “Mash” A colorful parade and celebration in Guyana.

This takes place around February 23rd . Georgetown shuts down and there is a day long parade and dancing. Groups and families set up to watch, bbq, and hang out all day. There is a long parade, music and dancing […]

Visoko: The World’s Largest Manmade Pyramid or Just a Hill?

Having visited I still don’t know the answer! I took a public bus to and from Sarajevo to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina to see a pyramidical shaped feature. Some say this feature is the world’s largest pyramid and some say […]

Ancient Native American Civilizations in the United States

This is another category I hope to be adding to as I seek out and visit additional areas. Updated: July 19 2020 Ocmulgee On the outskirts of Macon Georgia are the Ocmulgee mounds. The mounds are built by people carrying […]