Fort Mountain An ancient wall built by Moon Eye People

Ft Mountain state park in northern Georgia has a mysterious wall. Nobody knows when it was built, or  who built it. 

When Europeans came to the area they heard legends from the  Cherokee about the wall.  The Cherokee took over the region around 1600. The Cherokee did not build the wall and had stories about the “Moon Eyed”people who did! 

The wall has not been investigated or studied much. A graduate student in the 50s, Philip Smith, determined the wall was symbolic. This makes sense as its position is not one that would help in fortification or defense. 

The 885ft (260M) wall turns and weaves in ways not needed for defense. Where it is built on the ridge is not the best place for fortification. 


You will have to drive to this state park in North Georgia. The trail to the wall is easy with wide steps and only takes about 10 minutes to reach the wall. You can walk the length of the wall fairly quickly. N

Nearby trails lead to a fire tower, that you could not go up in when I was there. Not sure if it was because of Covid or is general practice.

You can go up via West Overlook trail and down via the fort mountain trail or in reverse. The Overlook has some nice views of the town and mountains.

I camped in this state park. The walk in tent sites were private and nice. The park had showers and flush toilets. The drive up sites were good and well located although they many had less privacy if you are in a tent. It is a busy park and I had to make reservations online in advance here. Or you can use the Reserve America app. Entry to the park is $5 and is good in all Georgia state parks for the day.

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