Naadam Festival Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. An annual sporting event and celebration.

A traditional festival named Naadam is held to celebrate Mongolian Independence. Naadam features three sports. Horse riding, Archery, and Wrestling. The colors, festivities, and sports are a unique event celebrating nomadic culture. People are in a fantastic mood, most places […]

Nazca Lines. Mysterious desert creations from the sky.

The Nazca lines. In the town of Nazca I took a little plane up to see the famous lines. I was surprised at how many geometrical ones there were. I had only heard about those shaped like animals. This was […]

Ancient Penis Park in Colombia (Muisca Observatory)

The small but interesting Muisca Observatory located just outside the town of Villa de Leyva in Colombia has about 100 carved stones erected by ancient people in a way to show the seasons. Also, many are shaped like phallus (the […]

Cheap and Delicious: Georgia- The Country not the State

I was blown away by the food in Georgia. It is delicious, cheap, and accessible. This is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I love eggplant and this combination is delicious. This is dish called Nigvziani Badrijani […]

Transnistria. An independent day trip from Chisinau

Visiting The Capital city of Tiraspol in the autonomous republic of Transnistria (Transdniestria) also called The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Within Europe’s least visited country of Moldova there is a break away autonomous region that considers themselves a separate nation. When […]