Plain of Jars, Laos. Mysterious stone vessels in the highlands.

Thousands of jars carved from stones and placed in groupings on a plateau in northern Laos. These mysterious jars were the main reason I wanted to visit the country which I was able to do in 2008 as part of […]

Shifting Sands: Moving Sand Pile in Tanzania

In Tanzania there is a crescent shape pile of sand that moves about 50 feet a year. The sand clings together . This allows the entire dune to move instead of dissipating and blowing into the plains. The mysterious part […]

Tigers! Spotting Tigers in Rajasthan, India.

A Bengal Tiger in the wild. Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan, India. January 2008. We were very lucky to see a tiger on our second safari in Ranthambhore National Park. The tiger was harder to see than I expected when he […]

Mysterious carvings of San Agustín Colombia

Nobody is certain who made these unique and mysterious carvings or what became of the artisans and their civilization. I am not convinced they are all tomb markers and believe some may be far older than claimed by some modern […]

Mysterious Spheres!

I hope to add to this list in the upcoming years as I visit more abnormal, spherical, rock formations. These spheres in Argentina and New Zealand seem to be naturally made. Some areas have ones more suspect. They are still […]

Masharami “Mash” A colorful parade and celebration in Guyana.

This takes place around February 23rd . Georgetown shuts down and there is a day long parade and dancing. Groups and families set up to watch, bbq, and hang out all day. There is a long parade, music and dancing […]

Visoko: The World’s Largest Manmade Pyramid or Just a Hill?

Having visited I still don’t know the answer! I took a public bus to and from Sarajevo to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina to see a pyramidical shaped feature. Some say this feature is the world’s largest pyramid and some say […]

Ancient Native American Civilizations in the United States

This is another category I hope to be adding to as I seek out and visit additional areas. Updated: July 19 2020 Ocmulgee On the outskirts of Macon Georgia are the Ocmulgee mounds. The mounds are built by people carrying […]

Western Greenland: Days and day hikes in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, and Nanortalik

I have wanted to go to Greenland for a very long time. Unfortunately, flights and activities, or expedition cruises are way over my budget. It seemed difficult to do both Western and Eastern Greenland in one trip. That is why […]

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

I ventured to the less traveled part of Zimbabwe just to see the impressive Great Zimbabwe Ruins. The word Zimbabwe means great stone house. The country is named after this mysterious ancient city that was abandoned when the Portuguese arrived […]