Category: Mysterious Places
Ancient Native American Civilizations in the United States

This is another category I hope to be adding to as I seek out and visit additional areas. Updated: July 19 2020 Ocmulgee On the outskirts of Macon Georgia are the Ocmulgee mounds. The mounds are built by people carrying […]

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

I ventured to the less traveled part of Zimbabwe just to see the impressive Great Zimbabwe Ruins. The word Zimbabwe means great stone house. The country is named after this mysterious ancient city that was abandoned when the Portuguese arrived […]

Teotihuacan- Ancient City Built By An Unknown Civilization near Mexico City

While many think this is an Aztec city, it is actually much older. Founded around 400BC it peaked around 300AD. It had been mysteriously abandoned for centuries when Aztec people named it. It is unknown who lived in this city. […]

Nazca Lines. Mysterious desert creations from the sky.

The Nazca lines. In the town of Nazca I took a little plane up to see the famous lines. I was surprised at how many geometrical ones there were. I had only heard about those shaped like animals. This was […]

Ancient Penis Park in Colombia (Muisca Observatory)

The small but interesting Muisca Observatory located just outside the town of Villa de Leyva in Colombia has about 100 carved stones erected by ancient people in a way to show the seasons. Also, many are shaped like phallus (the […]